Item No.: 
Salary Grade: 
No. of Position/s: 
Monthy Salary: 
PhP 49,750
Engineering Department
Responsibility Center: 
Construction Management Division
Master’s degree or Certificate in leadership and management from the CSC
4 years of supervisory/management experience
40 hours of supervisory/management learning and development intervention undertaken within the last 5 years
Career Service (Professional) / Second Level Eligibility
Duties & Responsibilities: 
  1. Plan, direct and supervise the conduct of pre-implementation and other complimentary activities including planning and scheduling of locally funded and foreign assisted irrigation projects approved and programmed for construction;
  2. Direct and supervise the review of proposed construction schedules and program of works (POW), job order system, cost estimates and procurement schedules for projects ready for implementation or which are presently under constructions;
  3. Supervise the funds programming and recommend releases to projects; review/monitor fund releases and utilization and determine necessity for fund reallocation or realignment as and when needed, and provide inputs for forward budgetary purposes;
  4. Supervise the conduct of project completion activities in coordination with PMOs/RIOs for commissioning /turnover of completed locally funded and foreign assisted projects to Operation Division;
  5. Supervise contract administration for civil and supply contracts whether international or domestic procurement;
  6. Review the updated working policies, standards for material testing and construction control techniques for approval of management and subsequent implementation in the field offices;
  7. Supervise the preparation/documentation in coordination with PMOs/RIOs for subsequent discussion with NEDA ICC regarding revised cost of projects due to changes of project scope and/or revision of plans and essentially on price increases;
  8. Direct and coordinate the monitoring and evaluation of all monthly progress reports and status of construction activities undertaken by field offices, preparation of periodic and consolidated reports on the progress of construction of all irrigation projects;
  9. Perform other related functions.
Deadline of Application: 
Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 17:00