AU, CHN diplomats pay courtesy call to new NIA Chief

Friday, December 23, 2016 - 12:45


(L) NIA Administrator Peter Tiu Laviña meets (R) Commercial Counselor Jin Yuan from the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.

National Irrigation Administration, Quezon City – Commercial Counselor Jin Yuan from the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines and Counselor Paul Hutchcroft from Australian Embassy in the Philippines, on separate time, met NIA Administrator Peter Tiu Laviña at NIA Conference Room Quezon City, December 22.

Administrator Laviña was overwhelmed with the unprecedented visit of the two high ranking diplomats. The diplomats talked about the smooth future cooperation between their respective countries and the Philippines in the field of agriculture and irrigation.

NIA Administrator Peter Tiu Laviña talks future cooperation with (R) Counselor Paul Hutchcroft of Australian Embassy.

They expressed their interest in supporting and helping the agency on upcoming irrigation projects that NIA will undertake in the coming years.

With high hopes, Admin Laviña said that the agency is open and will cooperate firmly to those who want to partner with NIA for better and sustainable irrigation systems all throughout the country.

In one of his interviews, he said that the government is very open with the support coming from the other countries “Ang magandang balita dahil ang bagong Presidente natin ay tumatanggap ng suporta, marami tayo ngayon na natatanggap na expression of support na talagang malaki ang maitutulong sa pagkamit natin ng ating target” he added.